CRM integration

Increase the performance and productivity of your salespeople by interconnecting the Okalys sales support solution with your tools.

Our technology opens up many possibilities for us in terms of interfacing and integrations with CRM systems available on the market or developed in-house.

La solution Okalys fonctionne avec différentes solutions CRM tel que Cohéris, Statigest, Klee, Salesforce, Miscrosoft Dynamics, Proginov, MixSuite, Nomadvantage, ... :

Our solutions have the advantage of operating in both online and offline mode.

How to achieve the best optimization between Okalys and a CRM tool ?

From your CRM tool to Okalys

Our APIs allow you, among other things, to:

    Connexion CRM Okalys

    From the CRM tool to Okalys Offline

    Start automatic data synchronization

    Open a specific page of the sales book

    Open the sales book on a "customer type" or a specific "customer"

    Automatically filter information according to "customer type" or a specific "customer"

    Create and launch a list of missing or out-of-stock products (automated sales plan)

    Automatically create hundreds of product data sheets in a "layout template" from your data (texts, images, figures, and so on)

    From the CRM tool to our Online Server

    Synchronize a list of sales representatives

    Synchronize the list of customers and contacts by sales representative

    Synchronize the list of ranges and products

    Synchronize product availability by sales representative

    Synchronize product assortment by customer

    Synchronize "sales scenario" models

    Okalys connexion CRM

    From Okalys to your CRM tool

    Our APIs allow you, among other things, to:

      From Okalys Offline to the CRM tool

      Open the file of a "customer account"

      Open the CRM tool on a purchase order, on stocks, on a special offer, etc.

      Open a dashboard specific to a list of selected products

      Send a detailed report of the content presented during the visit

      From our Online Server to the CRM tool

      Transfer statistics about the content of sales visits

      Transfer statistics about a shared presentation

      Transfer the type of opportunity or event to be created (reminder date, task, note, description of the opportunity, etc.)

      Prêts à rendre vos commerciaux plus efficaces et renforcer votre CRM d'une solution Sales Enablement ?

      Nos experts vous démontrent la complémentarité de ces deux solutions.