Add value to your existing management tools: CRM, ERP, PIM, DAM, Servers, Database ...

Increase the performance and productivity of your salespeople by interconnecting the Okalys sales support solution with your tools.

Our technology opens up many possibilities for us in terms of interfacing and integrations.

Whether it is to enable the distribution of information down to Okalys or to retrieve visit statistics from Okalys, we have the answers to your needs.

The Okalys sales enablement platform intervenes in the value chain of the different tools that support sales representatives. From a CRM solution to a website, we guarantee the optimization of data distribution so that sales representatives can be more efficient. You can opt for the automatic creation of content, think about specific uses thanks to our APIs and can even consider new integrations according to your precise needs.

Integrate Okalys with your CRM tool

Simplify the life of your salespeople and optimize your business data. Whatever your CRM, we can enhance its use to meet your customer data enhancement needs.

Intégrer Okalys au SSO de votre entreprise

Automatisez complètement la gestion de vos utilisateurs et groupes utilisateurs en toute sécurité. Okalys est déjà interconnecté et compatible avec des systèmes
d’authentification ADFS, Azure AD, OKta, InWebo, Keycloak, ... et d'autres encore.

Intégrer Okalys à vos solutions de stockage (Réseau interne, Sharepoint, Drive,...)

Automatisez la création et la diffusion de contenus depuis n'importe quelle solution de stockage interne, vos serveurs internes, vos solutions cloud (Sharepoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, ...). Simplifiez la gestion de contenus de vos administrateurs sur un mode collaboratif.

Intégrer Okalys à votre PIM pour créer automatiquement votre catalogue produits

Automatisez la création de vos fiches produits et de vos catalogues depuis vos différentes sources de données (PIM, bases Excel, bases de données, ERP, ...). Simplifiez le travail des administrateurs et uniformisez le discours.

Integrate Okalys with video conferencing systems - Remote Selling

Make your sales meetings a success, even remotely, using our Sales Enablement solution and your videoconferencing solution (Zoom, Skype, Teams, GoToMeeting, ...).

Integrate Okalys into your website

Provide website editors with direct access to the documents saved on the Okalys server in order to feed and update your website automatically.

Get the best user experience and automate information flows.

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