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Progressive Web App - PWA

Progressive Web App (PWA)

We are pioneers of "Progressive Web App" technology in France and have built up, over many years, a comprehensive platform for developing ground-breaking apps.

We are the only players on the Sales Enablement market to have chosen "Progressive Web App" technology to develop our mobile apps, and this offers a host of advantages.

Progressive Web App PWA Okalys


Thanks to its universal dimension, Progressive Web App (PWA) technology is replacing mobile app stores.

Accessible from the landing page like all other native apps, the PWA works on all operating systems (Android, Apple, Windows, Chromebook), all devices, all screen sizes.





Offline mode

Works without an internet connection, lets you consult all up-to-date information during sales visits.

Our expertise on the Progressive Web App allows us to store Gigabytes of data and media (videos, images, documents, etc.) in offline mode on any device (Android, Apple, Windows, Chromebook).

Ultra-fast roll-out

Progressive Web App (PWA) technology can also be deployed quickly on all devices, using any web browser.

The principle is extremely simple: you can create your sales force without assistance from your IT department, because the application is installed directly via a web browser.

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Apple Safari

Mozilla Firefox

Simplified administration back office

The administration back office is accessible through the same interfaces as the app for sales representatives.

Administrators can see changes made in real time, so they don't need to sync an app to another device to check the end result.

Unique user experience

Regardless of the device used, the interfaces and user experience are always identical, because the Progressive Web App (PWA) is based on a single source code.

You can therefore extend access to the sales book to corporate staff at head office, offering the same user experience (graphics and touchscreen) as that of sales representatives, or even share information with partners in the form of an extranet.

Document sharing and tracking

The Progressive Web App (PWA) lets you transfer documents and presentations directly through a URL, overcoming the need for attached files or access to a document portal.

Your customers will have direct access to documents directly via Okalys in the web browser of their tablet, smartphone or computer. Every time they open a document, sales representatives obtain all the viewing statistics.

The future of mobile apps is the Progressive Web App (PWA)