Adapted services

A complete accompaniment that guarantees the success of your project.

Our expertise and approach are recognized by our clients. Our support and our interventions allow marketing and sales departments to carry out their sales force digitalization project in complete confidence.

A customer support

Since 2006, our work methodology allows our customers to meet their objectives while respecting a clear retro planning.

Our customer support revolves around 3 main areas:

Preliminary work

Needs validation, coaching, consulting, project management, working groups, ...


Server configuration, precise adaptation to your needs, configuration of options, test procedures etc.

Coaching and training

Wherever you are, we intervene 2 days on your premises with the administrators and managers of the marketing and sales departments to accompany you, guide you and train you in the use of our sales support platform.

A long-lasting relationship based on trust

Following these different stages and throughout our partnership, Okalys continues to support you in the use of the administration interfaces, to listen to you in the study of your new needs and to constantly optimize your solution.

Regular exchanges

Telephone or e-mail exchanges are made regularly in order to meet your needs, to help you, to present you the evolutions and to advise you on optimizations.


We are available at any time by phone and email to answer your questions, whether technical or functional. We always answer in less than a day.


We are constantly evolving our solutions. These new functionalities can be automatically integrated into your sales book or can be subject to additional options. In any case, we exchange to inform you of the evolutions.

An operational follow-up

The Okalys Sales Enablement solution is recognized by our customers as being an extremely simple to use solution while offering a powerful and hyper-configurable tool.

Our support and consulting services are also offered to new administrators and contributors, or for complete redesigns of the sales book (redesign of content, design, strategic approach, ...). During these overhauls, we provide our customers with a clone of their sales book so that they can perform the necessary work with maximum comfort.

A graphic support

The tools we offer allow our customers to have 100% autonomy in the management of their digital sales portfolio. In particular, we offer powerful administration interfaces and a complete content editor. This content editor allows, among other things, to create all kinds of interactive menus and to design your application to your image.

Everything is possible in terms of graphics and we have today as many different sales books as different customers. You have all the necessary tools in our solution to create your graphical interfaces with great simplicity (content editor, image library, color palettes, custom fonts, ...) and respecting your graphic charter.

If you wish, our teams can also accompany you and create the exact design that meets your needs, your graphic constraints and your initial brief.