Application de Sales Enablement la plus utilisée depuis 2006.
Le Book de vente tactile et off-line.

La Solution digitale d'aide à la vente pour dynamisez vos commerciaux et boostez vos performances commerciales.

Companies of all sectors and all sizes use Okalys to boost their sales.

Recognized as an essential solution for sales forces.

It's time to change the way you sell!

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A unique mobile app to boost the performance of your sales force during sales visits or remote selling.

All marketing and sales support available offline on tablets, smartphones and computers.





Upgrade your sales presentation tools with the Okalys touchscreen and offline sales book

The sales book or commercial book is a sales presentation tool designed for companies' sales forces in the field. By providing genuine sales support, it allows salespeople to reinforce their pitch and apply the sales strategy put in place by sales and marketing managers.

We give companies the chance to boost their sales performance by adapting all of their documentation to a digital sales support tool that is simple and attractive both for sales reps, corporate staff and end customers.

The touchscreen tablet has considerably changed the way sales reps do their job, and our application is perfectly in line with these new touchscreen uses. Our consultation and administration interfaces offer incomparable ease and fluidity of navigation as well as new functions for an even better performance.

Deploy our ground-breaking application (Progresive Web App) in record time, for your sales and marketing teams, in the field as well as at head office, in a simple way, on any device or screen size.

Why do our customers choose the Okalys Sales Enablement solution?

Whatever the sector of activity or the size of the company, sales forces have a lot of information that needs to be structured so that it can be used more efficiently. The challenge is to truly standardize the sales pitch and provide information in the best conditions so that your salespeople are more convincing.

Optimize the customer relationship

Structure the information logically and strategically to guide your sales force as effectively as possible. Sales representatives can also customize their pitch to suit the person they are addressing thanks to the unique customer targeting function.

Drive the sales strategy

Align your marketing and sales strategies using precise statistics about your content and your teams.
Depending on the types of users, you can also define "who sees what" in the field and set up a collaborative mode for corporate staff at head office by defining
"who does what".

Boost sales performance

We believe that looking for documents and information breaks the flow of the sales visit. We promise sales representatives that they will no longer have to deal with IT issues during visits, so they can stay focused on their pitch. They will grab people's attention with captivating, interactive and customized presentations.

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Our customers give you the best insight

Discover, through customer testimonials, how our sales support platform has helped companies in different sectors of activity to boost their sales and strengthen the performance of sales and marketing teams.

Optimize your business and your tools thanks to our CRM connections

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Why connect my CRM tool to a Sales Enablement tool?

Automate ascending and descending data flows so your salespeople perform better.

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